I was online this afternoon and just happened to visit perspektif.net. There I saw some links, or called voices, and realized that there were quite a few interns’ names, which are links to their blogs, names like Daisy, Lidya and Astrid (Hi! this last name, i don’t actually know the girl, but she was an intern). It made me think for a while, if they had the blogs before their internship period, or were they just like me, someone who caught the blogging virus during their internship at IMX. For those who don’t know me very well, I’m a uni student from UK Petra who’s doing internship at InterMatrix Communications (IMX), a very nice pr company, that encourages internet use for its employees. 

Anyways, if they did start blogging when they were at IMX, then IMX has a huge influence, not only on its employees, but also its interns.As for me, I’m lovin the fact that I’m workin for this company, that it has inspired and pushed me, in a good way, towards starting something new.. THANKS to IMX..

(written with practically 15 workin days left at IMX – but definitely looking forward to staying in touch)


eve: notice that i’m tryin to write in english? haha, makes writing even harder! turns out to be another short post..


wow, finally… a blog.. meskipun sempat immune terhadap virus blog selama beberapa tahun, i finally caught it too, mungkin baru symptoms dan nggak tahu akan berapa lama gejala itu ada, atau mungkin akan sembuh dan aku kembali jadi non-writing person..

well, most importantly, at the moment, i do want to learn how to write.. setelah sekian lama kuliah dan bertekad mau mendalami dunia pr dan komunikasi, i realize that writing plays a huge role in this world.. plus, banyak orang bilang “menulis itu mudah”, “everybody can write”, etc. melalui blog ini, saya, tansilia diliani, akan mencoba membuktikan kebenaran kata-kata di atas..

teman-teman yang baca dan mau membantu, please do, hehe.. in a few seconds this is going to be my first post.. cu all soon people..!! *crossed fingers