It is my last internship week in Jakarta, and my last 8 days before I fly back to Surabaya, my lovely but rather boring home after I experienced 3 months of life in Jakarta. This is new for me. I had lived in Jakarta, been to Jakarta countless of times, but never actually thought that living here would bring such excitements. And to live and make a living here? Never had it considered!

What makes me love Jakarta is its availability in everything! From those multinational companies that we’d love to work at to tasting the traditional food from Indonesia’s finest ingredients, from watching the latest exhibition in design and technology to visiting museums of our ancient history, they’re all available here. Just name it, and a good guide should be able to show u where it is! If he can’t, then he’s just not good enough.

There are also a few other things that I can easily find here that I wish I couldn’t, things like traffic jam, flood, air pollution, and all sorts of crime. They’re just sitting there waiting to be noticed and talked about with no intention of leaving. Well what can we say.. It is a city that offers everything!

Before I started my 3 month stay, I was so overwhelmed by the second list of items that I was so sure never to live here. However, after 3 months (almost!), I started noticing the fun and challenges I can always find here whenever I need some spices in life. I guess Jakarta is the little New York.. (the little version is good enough for now 🙂 )