Hmm.. One very good title Tansil, well done! 🙂

What does it refer to though? My current ecstasy, the one thing that keeps me excited all day long, issss…


(how can i make the font bigger??)

Haha.. it is my brand new, one and only, online shop!!!

Well, whatever u’r thinking, I was thinking “I’m not sure if I have what it takes to run a shop!!”

I tried selling stuff a couple of times in the past, and they turned out to be not profitable..

But this time, it’s different!! I am going to make some moneyyy, yeah baby! (it’s the ecstasy talking)

Or at least, i can turn my own stuff into money, yes i mean second-hands..

So u should all visit that site, just click!!

Here’s a sneak peak for u 🙂

Pretty bracelet for a shoe addict

Pretty bracelet for a shoe addict

Key-chain or bag accesories?

Key-chain or bag accesories?

So, in case u’r wondering, where’s the panic for thesis and internship reports, they are still there. I am supposed to be busyy, super busy, writing a report and a thesis, i guess thats kinda why i need the ecstasy!

And i guess i should apologize to this blog, i havent been a good writer, i’m loving my shop more than this blog, which is not a good thing, cause i still have to keep practicing!! Blog, I still love you..! I hope u can forgive me..


It’s the end of the holidays, and I’m going to give u some updates (maybe not the latest) on this week’s events.. But before I start, let me say “Minal aidzin wal faidzin” for those who celebrates Idul Fitri.. Better late than never, hehee..


1. GP Singapore was held successfully for the first time last weekend, except for Massa who lost it all in the blink of an eye

2. Valentino Rossi locked his title for MotoGP World Champion, also last weekend, made him the only guy to ever win 8 world champion titles! (didn’t mean to write about racing sports, just happened to be the first 2 things that took place during the hols)

3. McCain showed up for debate, but didn’t get to watch it. Ok, this happened before the race, haha..

4. The vice presidential debate also took place, and Biden did slightly better, according to CNN Report Card

5. Indonesia had THE holidays of the year, which stopped all activities for a whole week

6. And of course, roads, trains, planes and ferries are still crowded because of the arus mudik and arus balik..


AND NOW.. update on my activities during the holz, this is what the title refers to, haha..


1. Farewell with Yuni, my roommate in Jakarta, who had finished her internship period, cu in sby yun..!

2. Spent the weekend in Ancol and Kelapa Gading with my family

3. Went to Bandung, also with my family, and the traffic was very cooperative.. Thank God!

4. Attended WW’s party on the second day of Idul Fitri

5. Met up and had dinner with some old friends, ISBS friends, PLC friends, had some good time with these guys..

6. Slept in almost every morning.. 🙂


Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go to the movies.. However, it was a great week compared to my previous expectation and I enjoyed it very much..! Certainly hope u had some great times too..! 


Greetings from Gregory!
Greetings from Gregory!