Hi All!

My name is Tansil a.k.a Lia (the actual name is Tansilia Diliani). I’m a fourth year undergraduate student at the Faculty of Communication Science of Petra Christian University, Surabaya.

I write this blog with one purpose, and one purpose only, and that is to practice writing. While going through this blog, you might find various topics, ranging from my activities, food, to the latest issues on culture, environment or even politics. Yup, this blog represents me, and I have interests in lots of things (please note that I said interests and not expertise, hehe).

If you have any suggestion, critics, or whatever, please don’t hesitate to get it to me through the comment box, or email it to tansil@hotmail.com.

Thanks all for droppin by, have a great day!


3 Responses to “About Tansilia”

  1. AceL Says:

    halo sil… just wanna leave a track to your blog. hehehehe… :mrgreen:

  2. Zulfi Says:

    Salam kenal…
    Maaf, kemarin pertanyaannya tentang Cinema XXI ga bisa saya jawab..
    Saya juga belum punya akses langsung utk langsung masuk ke dalamnya…

  3. tansilia Says:

    hehe it’s ok, akirnya ganti topik jg kok skripsinya 🙂
    thanks anyway..
    n salam kenal!

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