This post is dedicated to my beloved boyfriend, who unfortunately, doesn’t read my blog.

I think I’m starting to get my monthly pms. The hormones are doing their thing, causing me to become very moody in general, but easily (and most of the time) angry to Teddy. You poor thing, I don’t mean most of the things that I say during these times.

Please know that I always feel bad after each conversation we had where I just become this evil girlfriend for no reason.

And please also know that after each one of those I always realize how much you love me by letting me get away with my evil attitude, and still be understanding, and never yelled at me.

And last, I want you to also know that the love u have proven through all your actions have made me love you more.

Thanks for loving me!

Thanks for loving me!

So for all the guys out there, please be understanding when your woman gets all angry at certain times each month, just don’t make a big deal out of it. And girls, whenever u can, think before u speak, sometimes it’s better to just shut up and sleep.

OK I’ll shut up now, but not sleep. Bye.