Happy New Year People!!! I know, it is 8 Jan, so what? I’m just a week late to say it.. 🙂

New year, new positive spirit, and hopefully it will last through the whole year!

As u should know (if u’r my friends), the last few weeks of 2008 wasn’t exactly the best for me, so I’m really glad that 2009 is finally here, it gives me the reason to believe that there will be changes..

Speaking of which, I learnt in this past few weeks that change is not a dot, it is rather a line.. U can’t really say that starting from tomorrow, I will exercise everyday, or starting tonight, I will pray before I sleep.. It’s just not that easy, it takes time and process.. Just take that first step, then enjoy the ups and downs, don’t expect too much from urself.. 

So if u have that new year resolution, that list of changes u must all make this year, don’t just stare at it and wonder when u want to make the move, but start it as soon as possible! Next week, tomorrow, or even right now, if it can be done! Coz u won’t succeed at once, remember it’s not a dot, it’s a line, it may even be a wavy one.. It doesn’t matter how much ups and downs u go through, just make sure the line ends where it’s supposed to..