November 2008

Hello world.. how r u doin?

Even though we do get more rain these days, but the sun still rises every morning, and that’s a good thing people, something we should be grateful about..

As for me, my days have been cloudy, very cloudy, for the past 2 weeks or so. It’s not always a storm or a heavy rain, but it is never a bright sun-shining day either.. I’ve just been in the cloudy days.. It feels terrible, the kind of feeling that makes u feel like stayin in bed, under ur comfiest blanket so u don’t have to face the world..

And yesterday, I made a decision about my thesis, I’M NOT HANDING IT IN. That means, my 7 semester resolution whateva thing can’t be accomplished. MISSION FAILED, I FAILED.

Not having classes nor assignments for 3 months, I turned my laid-back mode on, and obviously I forgot to switch back to my studying mode. Despite being depressed of this failure and having a great tendency to drown myself, I have to be able to get back up.

This semester wasn’t a great one for my study, so what? I still have the next, my chance to do better, to be myself again and focus. I wanna get rid of the clouds, I wanna see the sun again, my sun, my hope.

Wish u all bright sun-shining days!!


Hmm.. One very good title Tansil, well done! 🙂

What does it refer to though? My current ecstasy, the one thing that keeps me excited all day long, issss…


(how can i make the font bigger??)

Haha.. it is my brand new, one and only, online shop!!!

Well, whatever u’r thinking, I was thinking “I’m not sure if I have what it takes to run a shop!!”

I tried selling stuff a couple of times in the past, and they turned out to be not profitable..

But this time, it’s different!! I am going to make some moneyyy, yeah baby! (it’s the ecstasy talking)

Or at least, i can turn my own stuff into money, yes i mean second-hands..

So u should all visit that site, just click!!

Here’s a sneak peak for u 🙂

Pretty bracelet for a shoe addict

Pretty bracelet for a shoe addict

Key-chain or bag accesories?

Key-chain or bag accesories?

So, in case u’r wondering, where’s the panic for thesis and internship reports, they are still there. I am supposed to be busyy, super busy, writing a report and a thesis, i guess thats kinda why i need the ecstasy!

And i guess i should apologize to this blog, i havent been a good writer, i’m loving my shop more than this blog, which is not a good thing, cause i still have to keep practicing!! Blog, I still love you..! I hope u can forgive me..