the investment bank..

the investment bank..

Since the Lehman Brothers announced their bankruptcy, the newspapers started filling with economic headlines.. and today, as I was doing my monitoring routine, I noticed that every single newspaper had the crisis topic on first page! Even without any economic background, I know that’s not a good sign..

I never learnt about finance or economy, but we had a short course yesterday at IMX on this hot issue. WW explained to us very briefly about the effect that it will have on people, who will get affected the most, and who doesn’t have to worry about it (which leaves almost noone). Koran Tempo today showed a timeline of this crisis. It started in 2006 in the US and has been spreading all across the world ever since. Huge banks suffered losses, stocks slumped, governments had to intervene.

Well the point is, no one can escape the crisis. What we can do, like what our government is hopefully really doing, is get ready. So when it does hit us, we won’t stumble as much as we did in 1997. I remember the US$ rate was at Rp 3.000 before then, and the next day it just flew to higher than Rp 10.000. I don’t know much, but I’m sure that keeping your money at home won’t do any good, we have to keep the circulation of money stable. Act normal, and hopefully normal it will be.

I don’t know what’s goin on now, but I just hope that it won’t be like before..