I have less than a week to come up with a description of my minithesis, and I have nothing in mind yet! So yes, my panic mode is starting up.. It’s not on yet, but getting there..

hopefully I don't have to hit this button!

hopefully I won't have to hit this button!

I texted 12 people today asking for their titles and anyone else’s that they know, which shows that I’m in desperate need for inspiration, unfortunately, only one person replied (thanks meli).. It is quite annoying that I have to worry about this during my holidays, but I guess I have no other choice. After all, I want my next few months to be filled with something I love. The fact that I’ll be doing my minithesis during those times means I must find a topic that interests me. A title that I have enough passion in, so that everytime I look at it, it can give me the courage and excitement to keep going, after each tear and failure..

God help me find that precious line..