It’s the last day before we all start our lebaran holidays, at least for us in Indo, hehe..
What have u got in mind? Any interesting ways to spend the whole week while u are not at work or at school?
Most people go mudik to gather with families and friends for Idul Fitri, so they don’t really need a holiday plan. But people who are left behind in big cities, we have the whole week free, and we’re supposed to be able to do things we’ve been longing to do..
Hmm.. can we? Do lebaran holidays really give us the chance to catch up with our favourite activities? Let’s see..

Getaway to ur favourite spot? No, too crowded..
Shopping? The city is half dead, stores mostly closed..
Exercise? Possible and very recommended!
Catch up on sleeping hours? Just don’t waste too much time, catching up doesn’t really work here..
Dance class? Hm.. I don’t know about this one, can anyone help?
Culinary activities? not a bad idea, maybe a bit limited though cause warongs aren’t usually opened during lebaran..

Well, whatever you want to do, just make sure that you have a great time! In the end, everything is nice when your loved ones are around.. Happy holidays everyone!