September 2008

I have less than a week to come up with a description of my minithesis, and I have nothing in mind yet! So yes, my panic mode is starting up.. It’s not on yet, but getting there..

hopefully I don't have to hit this button!

hopefully I won't have to hit this button!

I texted 12 people today asking for their titles and anyone else’s that they know, which shows that I’m in desperate need for inspiration, unfortunately, only one person replied (thanks meli).. It is quite annoying that I have to worry about this during my holidays, but I guess I have no other choice. After all, I want my next few months to be filled with something I love. The fact that I’ll be doing my minithesis during those times means I must find a topic that interests me. A title that I have enough passion in, so that everytime I look at it, it can give me the courage and excitement to keep going, after each tear and failure..

God help me find that precious line..


It’s the last day before we all start our lebaran holidays, at least for us in Indo, hehe..
What have u got in mind? Any interesting ways to spend the whole week while u are not at work or at school?
Most people go mudik to gather with families and friends for Idul Fitri, so they don’t really need a holiday plan. But people who are left behind in big cities, we have the whole week free, and we’re supposed to be able to do things we’ve been longing to do..
Hmm.. can we? Do lebaran holidays really give us the chance to catch up with our favourite activities? Let’s see..

Getaway to ur favourite spot? No, too crowded..
Shopping? The city is half dead, stores mostly closed..
Exercise? Possible and very recommended!
Catch up on sleeping hours? Just don’t waste too much time, catching up doesn’t really work here..
Dance class? Hm.. I don’t know about this one, can anyone help?
Culinary activities? not a bad idea, maybe a bit limited though cause warongs aren’t usually opened during lebaran..

Well, whatever you want to do, just make sure that you have a great time! In the end, everything is nice when your loved ones are around.. Happy holidays everyone!

My weekend meals started with baso … (can’t remember the name, but it’s some Chinese name, like akau, or asiau, or something like that), it’s in Mangga Besar. We were starving and my brother wanted us to taste this baso that was supposed to be better than Afung. It was actually, I had fishball with beef slices in the soup, which was really nice that I wondered if maybe it wasn’t beef but pork.. plus I had bihun to go with the baso, lots of bihun.. It was all good til the end of the meal.. After we paid and head for the car, I started feeling a headache, but said nothing yet. Once I got in the car though, I just said it, “I think I got poisoned by the baso”. And.. apparently everyone felt the same thing.. “Maybe it had too much MSG,” somebody in the car said. Well… no wonder it tasted so good.. So we got the Chinese Restaurant Syndrome, except we didn’t even go to a restaurant, it was just some baso.. Please deh Mr (akiaw, asiauw?) , next time u cook, try not to poison your customers.. I’m sure ur baso taste just fine without too much MSG…

Sooo.. the day after that, after a long trip to my cousin’s in Tangerang, me, Ted (my boyfriend), and Iman (my brother) wanted to have some dinner and my brother asked me what I wanted to have (haha, another dinner already?) With the MSG and headache still clear in my head, I said I wanted something nice, like steak.. And so I did.. We went to MU Restaurant and Bar, at Sarinah, a very nice place I must stay.. I like the atmosphere there, they have live music, huge screens everywhere for customers to watch soccer games, plus the food was quite nice even though it was pricey.. I had tenderloin steak that tasted just right even without the sauce.. And for dessert, we had a chocolate cake (the one with melted chocolate inside and ice cream on the side..). It was good, but I thought the orange taste in the cake kinda ruined the chocolate and vanilla combination.. Still, I’d give the restaurant 4/5 rating..

And.. my last dinner for last weekend was.. ramen something, at Beppu, EX. As always, I was starving.. I spent the whole day at home and it gave me a bad headache (I was never much of a home person) and I had only popmie, oh and some rice and corned beef, hehe.. Well the point is, I was starving, and it was the first restaurant we saw, and my brother likes it, so we went there.. I ordered a spicy ramen, with beef and mushroom in it, can’t remember the name.. the soup was really good, it tasted like miso soup with added chilli.. (I don’t know, do all ramens taste like that?) but the rest wasn’t that special.. Oh and for dessert, I had chocolate swirl cheesecake at Coffe Bean.. The taste was actually good, but I didn’t like the texture.. It wasn’t soft enough for a cheesecake, and it didn’t have the crumbles at the bottom, which is normally one of the things that I look for in a cheesecake..

our typical weekend

our typical weekend

Well that’s the end of my weekend, and overall, I’d say it was another unhealthy and fattening weekend..! Haha.. So what’s yours like?

I was online this afternoon and just happened to visit There I saw some links, or called voices, and realized that there were quite a few interns’ names, which are links to their blogs, names like Daisy, Lidya and Astrid (Hi! this last name, i don’t actually know the girl, but she was an intern). It made me think for a while, if they had the blogs before their internship period, or were they just like me, someone who caught the blogging virus during their internship at IMX. For those who don’t know me very well, I’m a uni student from UK Petra who’s doing internship at InterMatrix Communications (IMX), a very nice pr company, that encourages internet use for its employees. 

Anyways, if they did start blogging when they were at IMX, then IMX has a huge influence, not only on its employees, but also its interns.As for me, I’m lovin the fact that I’m workin for this company, that it has inspired and pushed me, in a good way, towards starting something new.. THANKS to IMX..

(written with practically 15 workin days left at IMX – but definitely looking forward to staying in touch)


eve: notice that i’m tryin to write in english? haha, makes writing even harder! turns out to be another short post..

wow, finally… a blog.. meskipun sempat immune terhadap virus blog selama beberapa tahun, i finally caught it too, mungkin baru symptoms dan nggak tahu akan berapa lama gejala itu ada, atau mungkin akan sembuh dan aku kembali jadi non-writing person..

well, most importantly, at the moment, i do want to learn how to write.. setelah sekian lama kuliah dan bertekad mau mendalami dunia pr dan komunikasi, i realize that writing plays a huge role in this world.. plus, banyak orang bilang “menulis itu mudah”, “everybody can write”, etc. melalui blog ini, saya, tansilia diliani, akan mencoba membuktikan kebenaran kata-kata di atas..

teman-teman yang baca dan mau membantu, please do, hehe.. in a few seconds this is going to be my first post.. cu all soon people..!! *crossed fingers